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Launched in 2014, bidbos.in is a web-based auction site that provides you great savings on your next purchase. We auction off all the top major brands for paisa on the Rupees.

bidbos.in was born out of a desire to provide you the best possible deals on what you need the most, relief from the shops high prices and a fresh approach to "auction entertainment." Because we are digital, we are able to quickly adapt to the rapidly developing gift card universe in a way that is virtually impossible for land based companies. In this way bidbos.in can provide its customers with access to the latest products offered within the digital and electronics communities. Which means you can save big! Well now you can with bidbos.in

bidbos.in has built a great way to give our customers what they want and in the time they need it. We listened to you. We have created opportunities for you to be actively involved in web site offerings and product inventory selections. You can vote for the gift card you would like to see auctioned off next, and watch it ascend in its popularity ranking so now you,re in control of what is on the auction block.

bidbos.in features only brand products. Bidding starts at just Rs 0.1 with no reserve. Bids cost only Rs 4 each, and come in easy packs of 20, 50, 105, 225 and 500 so you can truly have the best chance to walk away a winner with only a small amount invested! With each bid placed items' price increases by Rs 5 or Rs 4 depending on the type of auction. When you bid, the counter gets re-set up to a maximum of 45 seconds. An auction ends when there are no further bids and there is a winner!

bidbos.in lock bids: After a certain number of bids are placed, the bid icon may become locked, and all bidders who aren't participating in the auction will be blocked from bidding. This keeps the auctions fair because the people who invest the time and money will be the ones who are more likely to win.

bidbos.in discount bar: This bar gives the bidders an indication when the auction will expire and it also show the bidders how much discount is taken off the retail value from the product.

Bidbos is a service from Corpgenie Corporation.

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